My Tropical Adventures - Relaxing & Surfing in the Phillipines

It’s been over a week since Hubby & I came back from an amazing 2 weeks tropical island & surfing holiday in the Philippines and I still can’t seem to get out of holiday mode. I find myself dazing and reminiscing about the sun, surf , siesta’s, food and everything that came with our holiday.. I feel as if I’m having serious post-holiday withdrawals.

I just checked my blog this morning and thought this is just terrible!!.....I realized I haven’t posted anything since early Jan. So much has happened since my last post but failed to post anything after as life got really busy with reno’s (as usual), work, holiday planning and more holiday planning and I just never found time to blog anymore.

Anyways, I’m trying to settle back in as fast as possible so I’m hoping blogging will help, getting back into reno’s, weekend surfing, catching up with friends and planning our next holiday trip…..which is in 2 months time..counting down! Yayyyy!

So I thought I’d share some of our holiday like-postcards photos of where we went, what we did and hope to inspire you plan your next holiday trip...and maybe entice you to go experience these places yourself.


This is where we spent a week of relaxing, getting pampered, siesta's, indulging in Filipino traditional food, snorkeling, partying and celebrating our close friends magical and enchanting beach wedding.


This is where you'll find the famous surfing reef break "Cloud 9". It truly is an amazing surfing paradise.

We spent a week here relaxing but also exploring, made good friends with the local pro surfers & traveling surfers from different parts of the world...but most importantly, where we surfed and surfed till our hearts content.

And soon I’ll be posting updates and progress photos of our reno’s, which we are quite proud about. We’re actually moving along and despite of the mess and bundle of unfinished touches, our house is actually becoming “HOME”.

Peace & Love,