Parties & Entertaining

Occasionally I would be given the honor and privilege of hosting or organizing parties for friends and family. I really do find it a great outlet for my creativity and also a great opportunity to exercise my imaginations and crafty skills.

I most enjoy organizing theme parties, it really does bring out the child in me. I also love the part when I get to create all the decorations from scratch allowing me to bring my imaginations to life but the best part is when everyone has fun and gets into the spirit of the theme.

Here are some recent parties I organized for good friend of mine.

Marie's Tea Shower
Theme: Alice & Wonderland


Marie's Hen's night
Theme: Purple and White Cocktail Glam

I hosted this party at my apartment, I was so busy running around organizing the catering I had forgotten to take more photos. There were only a handful of girls that attended. We got all dressed up in white except for the bride-to-be, she wore purple.

We started off the night with glasses of Moet & Chandon Champagnes with hibiscus flowers and some light canapes. Then all the girls were given false lashes as a thank you gift and with compliments of having me as their makeup artist for the night ( and by which I am actually a qualified makeup artist) and I applied it on them before we headed out to town to party so we can bat those lashes on the dance floor all night long.

The night turned out so fun!!