Travel & Adventures

Here you'll only find destinations & places where I have left pieces of my heart. I would go back to rekindle with those pieces and places again and again whenever time and money allows.

These places my day dreaming takes me, reminding me my heart is big enough to love more, see more and experience more of the world.

And I believe my list will grow as my feet continues to take me more countries, cities and corners of the world that I am dreaming I will one day walk on.

Australian Destinations

My go-to place for solace, drink amazing wines, read books in solitude and comfort my taste buds, only 1.5 hours drive out of Sydney.

Gerroa, NSW
Camping, boutique cafes, Small warm cosy cafes and lots and lots of surfing.
coming soon

Bruny Island & Hobart, Tasmania
coming soon

International Destinations

Siargao & Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Phillipines
Where I get my dose of relaxing & surfing in a perfectly raw and tropical setting.

Vancouver, Canada
coming soon

Whistler, Canada
coming soon

Lake Louise, Banff Canada
coming soon

Montreal & Quebec, Canada
coming soon

New York, USA
coming soon