Gardening & Outdoor Projects

My Hydrangeas have taken off pretty well. They are coming up to their second spring and I am just super excited to see their beautiful blooms get bigger and stronger every year. Thanks to the help of Burke's Backyard advice and guidance I am able to care and give the love they require. See here- Caring For Your Hydrangeas

My Hydrangeas reward me quite well, I would occasionally pick some of their blooms and display them inside the house using my cute mason jars. I cut the them in the morning or the evening; not during the heat of the day. I put them on cool water right away and strip off most of their leaves. They last me a few weeks and I let them dry naturally.
They make beautiful centerpieces and add charm to the home flaunting their beauty to our guests.

During school holidays, my little green thumbed niece would come visit and pick her own blooms. She even takes joy of watering my garden.

I have other visitors too...these two beautiful couple enjoying morning breakfast at my birdbath cafe.

I love spring and summer time as much as I love the other two cooler seasons, I get to sit on my front porch and enjoy the company of my blooming plants and flowers while I sip on my refreshing mint (also from the herb garden) & lychee ice tea (recipe here) next to mon bebe Kookai.

Some months my herbs would grow vigorously and calls to be harvested. I turn them into herb butters (recipe here)  and they go wonderfully well with freshly baked sourdough bread. I also turn them into herb salts (recipe here), goes well with any dish really. The sky is the limit.

Lavenders, ah Lavenders, I just love them. My second favorite. They bring charm and beautiful scents in the home. I love drying them too and turning them into potpourri's.

At the moment, we've got a huge landscaping project lined up in the backyard after the pool is installed..not very long now. Should be ready by summer. I can't wait to show you the before and after, its so exciting to see my vision unfold.

Till then...

Peace and love,