The Home & Projects

You'll find our home renovation projects and endeavors here. Even, the nitty won't see much of me in there...someone has to take the photos.

Our hard work has been featured here also check out A Fresh Start so you'll know a bit of our story and how it all began.

We are so determined to make this house our cosy sanctuary, our calm haven, not only for us but also for our guests, leaving behind the daily chaos and stress the moment we walk in that door and walking back out feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Our interior design will be mostly inspired by Hampton with a twist of French Shabby Chick and a slight hint of coastal feel. We'll be using an abundance of whites, neutral colors, timeless and classic furniture pieces to create a peaceful, light and calm surrounding...but most importantly...COSY!

And I'll keep you posted and updated regularly bit by bit as our house is slowly transformed into 'our' perfect little humble home.

I hope that this part of the blog will inspire you, not scare you but give you a bit of a reality check when it comes to DIY renovations.

I say, research, research, research! It’ll build your knowledge and help you make wise decisions before and throughout the renovation process. There is a lot of thought and weighing-up that you should do before going ahead.

It is not for everyone and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. But that doesn't stop you from turning your home into "your" cosy sanctuary, "your" safe haven...there are plenty of options and alternatives on how you can go about it.

Love and Peace,


 See  more of the Upper Level transformation- 
Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom here.

See  more of the Upper Level transformation- Bedrooms and Study Room..coming soon