Mazzy's Kitchen Festive Spirit

Happy New Year everyone!

During the holiday season, I’ve been dedicated enough to document some of my kitchen adventures so I can post them in the New Year...gosh, I still cant believe we're now in 2014. Yikes, how time flies!

Happy I ended 2013 on a good note, my kitchen and my taste buds were definitely in the festive spirit, we've been churning out rich and indulgent gourmet foods. And I’m pretty sure I've got my neighbors noses waking up to the smell of buttery goodness and probably wandering if a new cafe moved in next door.

My house had started to smell like a French patisserie from all the butter, cream, callebaut chocolates, gourmet ice creams, pastries and French biscuits I’ve been whipping up.

Strange as it seems, am usually reluctant on using refined or processed ingredients in my baking/ cooking and I always opt for organic produce but I thought since it’s the holiday season..oh why not! It’s the only time of the year I’m willing to loosen up, live a little and make a compromise. ;P....I've been worrying about my waistline though, I hope our daily surfing and gardening sessions were able to keep up with the calories...well, so far so good.

I've also been experimenting a lot with T2 Teas. I used them as flavoring in my cooking & baking. Those who know me well, I love and enjoy collecting all sorts of teas……… and I won’t hold back spending quite a bit of $ on some good quality tea. I think the most I’ve spent is about $60 on little box of an exquisite china white tea. I enjoyed every bit of it guilt free.

And all the hours I’ve clocked up in the kitchen of late is enough to justify and prove Hubby that every cent we spent for our new French Provincial Kitchen was worth it…maybe enough to even warrant a new Kitchen Aid in pastel mint color (currently highest on my wish list). I hope he’s reading this. ;P.

But I’m just so glad that our new kitchen is now fully functional after 8 months of painfully waiting for this part of the renovations to be over. I love baking and cooking so it was tough and challenging enduring the wait. But I’m so relieved it’s over and I can finally use it to my heart’s utmost desire and contentment.

So you’ll find my recipes and instructions on the provided link underneath each photo or my Kitchen Life Page, always happy to share them with you =D.


Peace & Love