My Designer Dust Bags As Cushion Covers

It's been a while since I last posted something, I've busy working on a big project..all will be revealed very soon ;P.

It's the long weekend and Hubby and I didn't really plan a short trip out of town this year which we usually do, like camping near a beach with family and friends. We've got too much commitments this year...ummm, like house reno's.

Anyways, since I am homebound this weekend I thought why not do something productive and so I thought since the sun is out, I've got clutter everywhere so let's do a bit of spring cleaning and washing.

And so I decided to wash my sofa cushion covers too, I haven't washed them since we moved into the new house about 4 months ago. I'm sure they've collected so much dust , especially from all the reno's we've been doing but I've been too busy to notice or care.

And I remember that I had recently washed and put away a stash of dust bags that came with my designer bags that I had collected over the years..that's when a 'light bulb' turned on! ..that's my new word by the way,... 'light bulb' every time a great idea comes to mind.

Since my cushion covers are still drying on the line I thought...I am going to use my designer dust bags as cushion covers! And guess what..they look great and I love it!!

I still have a lot more dust bags left but they are too small for the cushions to fit in them but I'm sure I'll come up with another idea of what to do with them.

When I find some time I'll alter them and sew zippers and ribbons just to dress them up a bit more.

Anyways, hope you like my idea.