Old To New- Seat Stool

I purchased this little piece from a second hand furniture store to bring to a how-to-reupholster 1 day course offered by our local community center. I was told by the teacher that it's a very very old stool and it's such a little vintage beauty. 

But because it was such a short course I only got to the stage of reupholstering the seat..which is the crucial part really...and so I had to bring it and finish it up in my own home. I've been working on this old stool for months now, in between our home renovations projects when I get my little spare time.

And it's FINALLY done!! I love the end result and I am so happy with it. It'll probably end up as a seat/stool for my vanity table. =)

 So below are the steps I took to reupholster, re-foam and repaint this little cute stool. I didn't feel the need to provide so much instructions as I thought the photos explained the process but I am more than happy to answer any questions..so ask away =)
Using a strong staple gun, wrap the seat with reupholstering fabric and start to staple the edges
Sand the furniture well
apply 2 coats of primer after sanding
Apply 2 coats of semi gloss paint, your choice of colour