Countdown for the new kitchen

When we first bought our house we immediately sold the main existing kitchen on Ebay (see pics on my House Tour page)  as the entire upper level was about to go through major guttering in order to do our extensive remodeling.

You would usually find me spending my down time in the kitchen whipping up something healthy or indulging to impress my hubby's pallet. And it's been 2 months since our the original kitchen was ripped out and we've been patiently waiting for our new one to arrive and it's been very tough, most especially for me.

But now I have great news, 1 more sleep to go because tomorrow our new provincial kitchen is getting installed.... Yay yay yay!! However it takes 2 days to install the cabinetry and 1 week wait for the bench top to arrive but nevertheless we're just thankful to finally see progress =D.

We also picked up our double ceramic butler sink and our  gorgeous classic tap wares today and if you saw me, I was all smiles and jitters...and so was Jeff.

At the moment this is what our kitchen looks like....

But stay tuned because you'll slowly see photos of our new spanking kitchen being put together in the next couple of weeks.=D

Peace & Love,